Lew Flowers & Associates

Flower's Fleet Services offers a wide a variety of consulting services to the Transportation industry. These services include but are not limited to, expert witness services, training (management and technical), equipment maintenance, equipment specifications, shop management, introductions, and general consulting services.   

Meet Lew Flowers

I have more than 35 years of experience in fleet management that includes: 

  • Purchasing
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal of company assets

This includes working with safety and enviromental issues. I have developed and executed preventative maintenance program for both large and small fleets. I have managed fleets that have multiple shop locations. 

I have experience in the crude oil transportation, which include meeting all DOT, EPA, and FMCA rules and regulations. I have worked on a GPS project that included planning, purchasing and implementations. I also have experience with several CMS programs. I am a Certified VMRS specialist.    

Flowers Fleet Services provides fleet management services to fleets in North America.   

Activities include: 

  • Developing PM programs
  • Developing fleet purchasing programs  
  • Providing future direction of fleet maintenance programs 

I help fleets be compliant with the DOT CSA program. May provide expert witnesses as need.     

The Schwan Food Company, Marshall, MN  November 2013 August 2014   

Managed fleet programs in Southwest United States. · Develops and manages vehicle budgets.  · Developed fleet purchasing programs for division. · Ensuring processes followed that reduced cost of fleet by ensuring processes.    

Gibson Energy, Mesquite, Texas  Regional Fleet Manager November 2012 August 2013 

Managed fleet programs in Southwest United States.  Provided and direction in support of the continued growth of the Crude Transportation group by providing operations with safe, properly maintained  


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